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At Namu, we run workshops between Tuesday- Sunday.


We run all workshops at our Studio Shop in Alderley, Brisbane. 

Shop 1, 95 Samford Road, Alderley 4051

* Park on Camborne Street



We suggest all students new to our workshops to do one of the following before returning to do a different item. 

1/ Letter Key Charm

2/ Pouch

3/ Card Holder

4/ Bifold

5/ Initial Tag

6/ Belt

7/ Summer with You Bag


All costs are for two people.

Letter Key Charm: $150 for two people 

Pouch: $360 for two people

Card Holder: $360 for two people

Bifold: $400 for two people

Initial Tag: $200 for two people

Belt: $300 for two people

Summer with You Bag: $460 for two people

*Non-refundable. You can give your workshop pass to a friend if you can’t make it on the day or change to a different day (please give us at least 48hr notice). 

*We can teach up to 4 people for the pouch/card holder/ bifold workshops, and up to 5 people for the letter key charm workshop. Please DM/ email us. 

*We don't teach solo workshops.

Workshop eTicket:


If you would like to gift a workshop ticket, please:

  1. Click here for our 'workshop eVoucher' listing

  2. Select the workshop item you want to gift

  3. Enter necessary details (receiver's name and message)

  4. We'll then send you the eVoucher via email 

Time/ Day:

Our workshops are held between Tuesday- Sunday. Shorter workshops (2hrs) are between 10am- 12pm and longer workshops (3.5-4.5hrs) are held between 3pm/ 4pm- 7:30pm (weekdays) and 12pm/1pm- 4:30pm.

Pouch / Card Holder Workshops are held on Tuesday to Friday between 4pm- 7:30pm and Saturday- Sunday between 1:00pm- 4:30pm. These workshops are 3.5 hours long.


Letter Keyring Charm Workshops are held on Tuesday to Sunday between 10am- 12pm. These workshops are within 1.5- 2.5 hours long. 

Initial Tag/ Belt Workshops are held on Tuesday to Sunday between 10am- 12:30pm and 1pm- 3:30pm. These workshops are within 2- 2.5 hours long. 

Bifold/ Summer with You Bag Workshops are held on Tuesday to Friday between 3pm- 7:30pm and Saturday- Sunday between 12:00pm- 4:30pm. These workshops are 4.5 hours long.

If you do run over time, we invite you to return another time to complete it.


We release workshop dates monthly. If you want to book ahead, please don't hesitate to message us here, email or private message us on instagram. 


Please read below before purchasing a workshop:

* Design (Summer with You Bag), Leather and thread colours will be selected on the day.

* Please note that the below items are all beginner items. We recommend students new to Namu workshop (even if you have done workshops prior with someone else) to make one of these beginner items before making something different with us.

* When checking out, please select 'pick up' for shipping so you don't pay for the $13 standard parcel

Please bring:

- Your glasses (if you require them)

- Masks (optional)

- Small snacks (optional)


We'll be serving complimentary filter coffee/ tea/ cold drink during the workshop (:


We can't wait to meet you and share our knowledge of leather-crafting.

Workshop FAQ:

Q: How do I book for your workshop?

A: Via our website. You can click the below workshop tiles or go to our Shop > Shop Online page

Q: I've done a workshop with someone else before, can I just make something else other than the listed workshops available on your website// I'm pretty hands on, can I skip your intro workshops?

A: No. We recommend all students new to Namu workshops to attend our intro workshops. Even if you've made an item with someone else before, we would like to go through it with you so that when you do make something else with us, we can just concentrate on template building, advance techniques and more. 

Q: I don't have a workshop partner to bring, can I please just book a workshop for myself? 

A: Unfortunately we don't do solo workshops. However, you're more than welcome to make both the letter key charms in the letter key charm workshop. 

Q: I want to purchase a workshop ticket for someone. Do you provide this and how can I purchase one?

A: Yes, we provide eTickets for workshops. Go to 'shop online' > 'shop' > select 'Workshop eVoucher' and select the workshop you wish to gift. After you've successfully purchased this, we'll then send you an eTicket via email (please allow us some time).

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