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At Namu, we mainly use full grain, vegetable tanned leather which is leather that has gone through a tanning process that only uses natural ingredients (no chemicals) such as bark.


Most leather we use are from different tanneries located around Italy.

Our leathers include:

Pueblo | Badalassi Carlo Tannery | Unique look, artificial scratch on grain side, will darken and become glossier over time.

PagliaConceria Walpier | Embossed 'straw' pattern, resistant to scratching.

Minerva Box Badalassi Carlo | Milled: Pebbled pattern, soft, develop character and patina over time.

Minerva Badalassi Carlo | Smooth grain, firm and age well over time. 

English Bridle | J&E Sedgwick (UK)| firm, smooth, blooms (white wax) when fresh, natural shine when polished & used over time. 

Buttero | Conceria Walpier | Smooth, deep and vibrant colours, will become glossier over time.

Buttero Box Conceria Walpier | Pebbled pattern, soft. 

Dakota | La Perla Azura | smooth and well develop natural shine and deeper colours over time.

Dollaro | Conceria Walpier | Printed grain: firm, medium scratch resistance, will develop patina over time.

Current Leather Options

Last updated 12/08/2023

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