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MD Notebook Cotton<A5 Square>

MD Notebook Cotton<A5 Square>

When you’re working on art, you need strong, smooth paper that won’t form fuzz under friction.


With MD's soft cotton paper, pencil and paint alike spread smoothly. 20% of the material used for MD PAPER Cotton is soft-textured cotton pulp to achieve the best possible comfort when drawing.


MD Notebook Cotton has been re-released in two sizes: choose between an A5 or A5 Square notebook.


A5 is an easy-to-carry size that opens out into an A4 spread, providing plenty of space for your ideas and art. The compact A5 Square notebook is the size of a photobook. Open it up and the long, narrow space will stimulate your imagination. Whether you’re writing, illustrating or making mind maps, this unconventional format lets your ideas run free.


Size: H146×W146×D10mm

Weight: approx.168g

Paper: 176pages

Cover: Glassine paper

Specifications: Bookmark string / Label stickers / Thread-stitched book-binding

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