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Namu Leather Goods is owned and run by us, Whale and Christine, since 2018. We design and hand make all our products including stitching, so each item has its own unique and special detail.


We opened Namu Leather Goods at Alderley, Brisbane in March, 2021. It's a studio | shop | filter coffee and tea bar where we:

  • make and sell our leather goods

  • serve filter coffee, tea and cold house made drinks

  • teach workshops and

  • sell tea and coffee retail, stationery from Japan, and curated selections of handmade goods from around Australia.

| Namu // 나무 | meaning tree in Korean, was decided as our name as we wished for our business to sprout, grow and branch out like a tree. We also hope that our products resemble the nature of trees, by lasting for a long time and revealing its charm, characteristics and value as it ages.

We purchase our leather from selected tanneries in Italy and mainly use full grain vegetable- tanned cowhide leather which is leather that has gone through a tanning process that uses materials from organic ingredients such as bark instead of chemicals. It is of high quality and ages timelessly. 


Pieces sold at Namu include: pouches, wallets, camera accessories, bags and many more. We occasionally combine up-cycled materials and collaborate with Australian Artists and Makers to create one-off pieces. 



We want all our customers to leave Namu feeling relaxed or to think of Namu as a place where you can stay and collect you thoughts and leave feeling inspired. 


Love from Whale, Christine and Aiko





Shop 1, 95 Samford Road

Alderley, Brisbane QLD 4051

*Corner of Camborne St and Samford Road

**Park on Camborne Street, Alderley. Please do not park behind the shop as it's private residential parking. 

Opening Times:

Tuesday- Sunday: 9am- 4pm

* Closed Monday


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