Washi Tape

Washi Tape

Washi Tape


Tape that is good for decorating notes and sealing gifts. It sticks well but also removes easily without damaging or leaving sticky residue on the surface. 


We’re so lucky to stock 4 different designs from 3 of our favourite Japanese Artists/ Illustrators/ Creator:


Aiko Fukawa:

Is a Japanese illustrator and designer at “AI”— a brand that focuses on paper items in Japan. Fukawa graduated from the Tokyo University of Arts, Department of Design in 2005. She works on a global scale on advertisements, book drawing, stationery, magazines and picture books. She published a book called “Holiday by Aiko Fukawa ART WORKS” and a colouring book “Four Seasons”.



Is an Artist based in Kyoto and is best known for his colourful and unique work on glassware and tableware. His artistic style, the use of bright colours and quirky shapes, is translated on mino washi paper, making it one of our favourite ippitsusens to use.


Nishi Shuku:

Is an Illustrator and painted based in Kyoto and Tottori. Her illustrations and works are featured in various medias such as books, advertisements, TV commercials and any more. Nishi Shuku’s works have been described to be inspired by nature.



Size: Ca. 2cm x 10m 


Made in Japan