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Travelers Brass Pencil Holder

Travelers Brass Pencil Holder

Keep a touch of old-world elegance with you as you start your next adventure with the pocket-friendly Brass Pencil by Traveler's Company.


Compact and robust, this pen is a perfect travel companion to help record your journey in the quiet moments, so you'll never forget a story. 


Less than 10cm long when closed, the savvy design of Traveler's Company's Brass Pencil converts to a comfortable 14cm long when it's time to write. Balancing space-efficient style and ease of use, you'll want to take this beautiful pencil with you wherever you go.

With a 100% brass barrel made in Japan, this pencil is robust and smooth to the touch so you'll enjoy a long life of gorgeous, graceful writing. 


The brass finish will acquire a unique pattina with use, reflecting the love and care you show it on its surface to create a truly personal pencil. 

Size: 9.7cm when closed. 14cm when open. 1.1cm in diameter
Material: Brass

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