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Travelers Brass Number Clips - Set of 12

Travelers Brass Number Clips - Set of 12

Add a touch of brass class to your stationery with these 12 brass number clips. The frames at the top of the clip are numbered 1 to 12 and there is a regular slot at the bottom of the clip for your index number to stand proud and be seen beyond the edge of the paper.


Use the for indexing or as a bookmark to remind you of the good old days when brass number plates were common-place. There’s no need to worry about green metal stains on your paper. These clips have a transparent coating to prevent that happening.


"Brass Product" series made of brass, an alloy of copper and zinc that has a unique golden colour and beautiful lustre that changes to a soft and deep golden colour as it oxidises. The appearance of the brass makes you feel nostalgic. The more you use it, the more attached you get and before you know it, it has become an essential tool in your stationery arsenal.


This series is a popular product that has long been hit as stationery for adults who are particular about style.

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