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MD Pencil Drawing Kit

MD Pencil Drawing Kit

Everything you need for pencil drawings in one set!


A good pencil drawing has a variety of different elements – thin, delicate lines that express motion are combined with soft, thick lines and bold shading.


This drawing kit provides everything you need with five pencils in a variety of graphite grades, along with essential caps and a sharpener.

Like so many other MD products, this set is simple on the surface with a hidden depth – inside the simple, compact package is everything you need for complex pencil drawings.


The MD Pencil Drawing Kit contains five pencils, from soft 6B, 4B and 2B pencils to the harder B and HB grades.


The range has been carefully selected to suit the characteristics of MD Cotton paper.


The caps are made from light nickel-plated brass.
The sharpener is made entirely in Japan, from the body to the blade and screws.


All of this understated quality is the result of our ongoing pursuit of comfort for everyone who uses our products.



Pencil: 176×∅7mm
Cap: 55×∅9mm
Sharpener: H20×W29×D12mm



Pencil: HB/B/2B/4B/6B ×1 each…5 total
Cap: Brass (nickel plated) 5pcs
Sharpener: Styrene resin with SK-2 steel blade

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