Kaki Chu Candle Holder

Kaki Chu Candle Holder

Kaki Studio is owned by husband- and- wife team Nathan and Rachel in Perth, Australia.


|Kaki| means kindred spirit in Malaysian. It describes the coming together of two creative minds. 


Kaki Studio’s Chu Candle Holders come in three different heights (mini, medium and large), which can be used separated or stacked, allowing for a different look on the table, mantle or sideboard.


These Candle Holders are named Chu in honour of Rachel's Grandmother, Ang Eng Chu. Chu in Hokkien, is also a homophone for 'home' which is a simple word that brings to mind feelings of warmth and coziness and belonging.


Each piece has been dipped in Kaki’s new glaze which has a bit of sheen and gloss. The gloss glaze makes it easy to remove excess candle wax.



Base: 8 cm wide

Height: 7.5 cm

Candle holder: 2.5 cm wide, fits candles 2 cm wide.


All dimensions are approximate as these candle holders are made entirely by hand. The speckle pattern varies from piece to piece.


Glaze: Australian stoneware with trachyte, glazed with white gloss glaze.